What is InstantMenu?

InstantMenu is the perfect digital menu solution for restaurants, hotels, and cafes. With InstantMenu, you can create your own digital menu for FREE and offer your customers a seamless digital experience. Simply upload your menu items or menu images and your customers can view your digital menu on their screens in seconds. Plus, with InstantMenu's online ordering system, your customers can easily place their orders directly from the digital menu, allowing you to manage orders at your fingertips from any device.

With InstantMenu, you can easily update your menu items and prices in real time, making it easy to keep your customers informed of any changes or specials. Plus, InstantMenu is intuitive and user-friendly, so you and your customers can start using it right away.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to provide your customers with a modern, convenient digital menu experience. Sign up for InstantMenu today and give your customers the digital menu they deserve

Who can use InstantMenu?

InstantMenu can be used by the providers who provides the services like dine-in, home-delivery, take-away, drive-thru and room-orders. All those listed here can have the benefit of creating their digital menu through InstantMenu

  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Cafe
  • Bakery
  • Street Food Shops
  • Food Trucks
  • Fast Food Shops
  • Cake Shops
  • Icecream Parlours
  • Farshan and Namkeen Shops
  • Pan Shops
  • Provision Stores
  • Caterers
  • Food Courts
  • Others

Why to use InstantMenu?

InstantMenu helps to create the digital menu of your outlet free of cost. Benefits of having digital menu is:

  • it is cost-effective
  • it requires no changes in QR code even after any changes made in menu
  • it can be changed at anytime from anywhere
  • it requires no printing of menu
  • it is hygienic
  • it is environment friendly
  • it requires less maintenance

InstantMenu also provides 2 types of online ordering system. Out of these two system one is WhatsappOrder which is free to use and another one is InstantOrder which is our premium service which comes with the bundle of features like vouchers, graphical analysis, accepting online payments, downloading statement, and many more

As you now know the benefits of InstantMenu, are you excited to make digital menu for your outlet with InstantMenu ?

Let's start to setup InstantMenu

Step 1 : Install InstantMenu Outlet

Click here to install InstantMenu Outlet application

Step 2 : Register Outlet With InstantMenu

Click here to register your outlet with InstantMenu

Step 3 : Setup Physical Menu To Digital Menu

InstantMenu provides two ways to setup the digital menu. First is Image Menu and Second is Standard Menu. Click here to view more details about menu

Step 4 : Download & Print Digital Menu's QR Code

Click here to view process to download and print the digital menu's QR code

Step 5 : Setup Basic Info Of The Outlet

Click here to setup your basic information of outlet for your customers to reach at you

Step 6 : Enable Online Order System On Your Digital Menu

InstantMenu provides two types of online order system. One is WhatsappOrder and the other one is InstantOrder. Click here to view more details about online order system

Now manage the whole order system online and be free from all that old paper order system