FSSAI licence

FSSAI licence is a food safety certificate issued by the respective food authority of India. FSSAI licence is mandatory by government. If you want to show FSSAI licence number in your digital menu you have to add Fssai licence details. Once your FSSAI licence number has been verified from InstantMenu, it will be viewed in your outlet's digital menu

Open Fssai Section

1. View Fssai Section

Open GST & Fssai section from management list and go to FSSAI tab

Add Fssai Details

1. Add Fssai Details

Add your outlet's fssai licence number, registered company name and upload a fssai licence certificate.


FSSAI licence must be uploaded in pdf format only and it's size should not exceed 2MB


Fssai details will be first verified by InstantMenu and once details are verified it will be viewed in your outlet's digital menu. Verification will be done within 2-3 days

Update Fssai Details

1. Update Fssai Details

You can update fssai details only if your current fssai is verified in InstantMenu. Update the details and submit it. It will be updated in menu once Instantmenu verifies it.

Remove Fssai Details

1. Remove fssai details

You can remove fssai details anytime. Click remove fssai and once InstantMenu removes it Fssai licence number will be removed from your digital menu