Room Numbers are used for the outlet like hotels where room stay is possible. Most importantly you can generate the QR code of every room so print it and stick it to every rooms so there is no need of any physical menu to keep in rooms. So now your customer scans the QR and orders the food from there, order will be placed directly from that particular room, no need to receive those continues order calls

Open Room Section

1. Open room section

Open Room from the management list

Add Room

1. Add room

Click on Add New Room

Write down the room number of your outlet and add it

Manage Room

1. Open particular room

You can find QR code of the room, you can download it and you can even create customize QR code of that room and then save it and can also share.

Edit Room and Delete Room can also be managed from here

Edit Room

1. Edit room

Open particular room and click on edit room and update the room number


Once the room number is updated, your previous room QR code will be also updated. So you have to again download the new QR, print it and stick it.

Delete Room

1. Delete room

Open particular room and click on delete room to delete the room

Room Visibility

1. Visibility of room

In any case if you want to temporary stop viewing room number in room list just toggle off the button