Ratings And Reviews

Ratings and reviews are important for your outlet to know how your outlet's customers feel about the food, service and other aspects of your outlet. This will help improve the management of your outlet by fixing the issues and creating a better experience for customers.It's very important for a outlet to know what the customer's like about their outlets.

Open Reviews & Ratings

1. Open Reviews & Ratings

Open reviews and ratings from the management list

View Reviews & Ratings

1. View Reviews & Ratings

View reviews and ratings of your customers and get to know what your customers feel about your outlet. You will also get to know if any customer has done any modification or not in their review.

Report Reviews & Ratings

1. Report Reviews & Ratings

You can report the review if you find any inappropriate review by clicking report button

This will open up a dialog listing some of the reports and select any one of them which you find suitable for that review and submit it