Add Item

1. Add Item

Ready to start? Open category in which you want to add item

Click on Add Item to add item

If atleast one item is added, click the + button on the bottom-right corner of the page to add more items.

Now fill up the details like item image, item name, item price, item ingredients, item addons, and still many other things listed in Advance Option

Modify Item

1. Select Item

Click the item that you want to modify from the list of the items

2. Modify Item

Update the item details and click update button

Delete Item

1. Select Item

Click the item that you want to delete from the list of the items

2. Delete Item

Click on the on the top-right corner of the screen

Visibility Of Item

1. Item visibility

You can manage the visibility of items in the menu. For example if you want to stop any item from showing in your menu temporarily then you can simply toggle it off and again toggle if you want again to show.

Rearrange Item

1. Rearrange item

Hold, drag and place the item where you want in the item list.

Advance Option

1. Set items with custom price

Add custom prices of the item like Large Pizza - Rs 450, Medium Pizza - Rs 250, Small Pizza - Rs 99

2. Add extra addons

Add extra addons - like Extra Cheese - Rs 10, Extra Pav - Rs 10

3. Add ingredients

Add item ingredients so that customers can find it convenient to order item after viewing ingredients

4. Add description

Add item descriptions if you want to show any description of item

5. Set status, itemtype, jain availability,spicy level

Status - If the item is new then you can select status New, if item is bestseller of your outlet, select Bestseller status

Item Type - Select your item type like either item is Veg, Non-veg, or none

Jain Availability - If any item is jain you can toggle jain button to help your jain customers

Spicy Level - Set spicy level of item