InstantMenu offers two different types of Downloading QR. The first is Default QR Download, where you just need to save the pre-readymade QR code design. The second option is called Customize QR Download where it enables you to customize your own QR code with different text color, background color, background image, add logo. Here you can view how to create customize QR design.

So lets now re-create your boring QR design to something extra-ordinary QR design

Customize QR

1. Customize QR

On clicking customize QR, the canvas will open up where you can fully customize your QR design by trying different background images, background colors, text color, also you can add logo of your outlet.

In background image you can even set image from your gallery

2. Share QR

InstantMenu gives you a new way to attract more customers and increase business sales. Once your amazing QR design is ready, just share it on social media or send it to your friends/customers to promote your business.

3. Save QR

After your QR design is ready, you can save your QR code to storage, take a print of it and stick to table or standy.