InstantOrder enables the whole online order management system from accepting orders to completing orders of all services like DineIn, Home Delivery, TakeAway, Room Order, Drive Thru, creating vouchers, adding extra additional charges, analyzing data in the best graphical way. On top of that you can generate statements, get your payment settlement record and get an overlook of your daily record through dashboard and many more. Access InstantOrder at anytime from anywhere just at your fingertips

It's like a ONE STOP ONE DESTINATION, you can manage all the type of stages in all the services like place order, preparing, serving, bill generate, on the way, pickup. You can create different vouchers for different services, add different additional charges for different services, receive orders in cash, online or both, you can even customize the invoice format. Also you can view top best selling categories weekly and monthly, top selling items weekly and monthly, top popular category weekly and monthly, top popular items weekly and monthly, weekly and monthly income, weekly and monthly orders in graphical analysis. Beyond this, you can download the statements ranging custom dates, you can get settlements records of online payments, a dashboard where in you will get a nice briefing of your day to day record like your outlet's total income, total orders, total amount received in cash, total amount received in online, orders ratio by service, income distribution by service, and many other things

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Enable InstantOrder

1. Go to InstantOrder

Click on the 2nd button

2. Open InstantOrder

Click on InstantOrder tab

3. Enable InstantOrder

Purchase the subscription plan to enable the InstantOrder


For the first time, you can even try the trial plan of InstantOrder free for few days