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InstantMenu Outlet help Restaurants, Hotels, Cafe's, and many other eateries to create digital menus of their meals. By scanning the QR code or by searching an outlet name in InstantMenu Search customers can view the outlet's digital menu. Along with that, customers can order the food online on a InstantMenu digital platform.

InstantMenu Outlet can be installed by following ways:

Install By QR

1. Scan QR code

Scan the given QR code using google lens, camera, etc.

Qr code placeholder

2. Install the InstantMenu Outlet

Now install the application

Install By Searching Manually

1. Search InstantMenu on google play store

Open playstore and search InstantMenu - Digital Menu

2. Open InstantMenu

Click where you find InstantMenu - Digital QR Menu in the searched list in play store

2. Install the InstantMenu

Now install the application